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How the Samsung Jet™ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Has Transformed Household Cleaning

How the Samsung Jet™ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Has Transformed Household Cleaning

Monday, August 30, 2021/ Editor -  


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August 30, 2021:  With the technological evolution advancing and new innovations opening up a whole new world of possibilities for consumers, Samsung’s attention recently returned to the home appliances space, where demands for next-generation products have continued to increase exponentially. Awareness concerning the importance of hygienic cleaning has never been higher, nor have expectations for devices capable of removing outdated processes from the equation and delivering newfound value to end-users. As such, anticipation surrounding the Samsung Jet™ cordless vacuum cleaner’s market introduction this past Spring was understandably widespread – and the results since have not disappointed. 

Backed by a host of powerful features and functionalities, the Samsung Jet™ cordless vacuum cleaner has established itself as the ultimate solution for household cleaning, redefining excellence and empowering brand enthusiasts to carry out a traditionally tiresome, tedious chore with more speed, efficiency, and effectiveness than ever before. Home environments have also become healthier, safer, and far more presentable, providing people with peace of mind and leaving them nothing short of delighted. 

Therefore, what better time than now to remind ourselves how the Samsung Jet™ cordless vacuum cleaner transformed household cleaning? Here, we highlight some of the standout aspects of the product, with insights and information regarding its far-reaching performance:

Revolutionary clean station
A face full of dust has been an inevitability for decades when emptying a vacuum dustbin. However, this occurrence is now firmly in the past because one can place the dustbin on top of Samsung Jet’s Clean Station™ for a sterile, dust-free finish. The Samsung Jet’s Clean Station™ features an Anti-Dust Emitting Structure that prevents ultrafine dust from being released back into the air while emptying the dustbin. The vacuum’s air-tight design, with its 5 Layered HEPA Filtration System, is 400 times more hygienic than conventional dustbins, trapping fine dust particles to keep everyone breathing easy. The Samsung Jet’s Clean Station™ even features Air Pulse Technology, which regularly oscillates air around the vacuum bin to remove trapped dust. These stubborn particles are then collected in a 2-liter dust bag inside the device, which only need be replaced once every few months.

Industry-leading capabilities
The Samsung Jet™ cordless vacuum cleaner’s invaluable capabilities are demonstrated in every instance due to a winning combination of components, including its Digital Inverter Motor and the Jet Cyclone system. The Digital Inverter Motor incorporates an ultrasonic welded cover and diffuser that optimize airflow, maintaining a high level of energy efficiency needed to generate a significant level of suction power up to an industry-best 200W. Meanwhile, the Jet Cyclone system features nine separate cyclones, each with 3-way multi-air inlets to minimize loss of suction power while securely trapping fine dust particles that are sucked into the vacuum cleaner. Users can also enjoy longer cleaning times with the Samsung Jet’s high-capacity battery. The long-lasting battery addresses consumer needs for a reliable vacuum cleaner that can maintain suction for up to one hour. And since the battery can easily be removed and replaced with a spare, users can clean for up to two hours in one session if needed.

Powerful filtration system 
For generations, people have longed for a product that ensures cleaning is quick and easy without compromising on end-result quality. Today, this wish is now a reality due to the 5 Layered filtration system, which frees homes of unhealthy, unwanted elements and ensures every area is clean and fresh. The main cyclone separates large dust particles, the metal mesh grille filter collects smaller particles, and the previously-mentioned Jet Cyclone and micro filter catch even smaller dust particles. For example, the ultrafine collects 99.999 percent of micro dust and other allergens traditionally prone to escaping from vacuum cleaners, ensuring a healthy environment. 

Cutting-edge spinning sweeper
The Samsung Jet™ comes with various innovative factors, and the spinning sweeper undoubtedly falls into this category. Keeping hard floors clean has traditionally been a struggle. As of now, this has never been easier with this cutting-edge feature. The dual spinning wet pads enable effective cleaning with less effort, and users can use either reusable microfiber mop pads or disposable wet cloths. It also works for up to 80 minutes, ensuring hard floors can be mopped to perfection. What’s more, the brush is specially designed to reach into and clean every gap and corner for a comprehensive cleaning spree.

Intuitive design and display 
The Samsung Jet’s powerful cleaning solutions all come in a lightweight body weighing in at just 1.66 kilograms, ensuring a strain-free cleaning experience. Those purchasing the Jet™ 90 model will also benefit from an ergonomic and self-standing Z-station charge, meaning users can place and charge their vacuum anywhere they wish. The charging station is unique from others as it can be wall-mounted, so users with space limitations who need to save room can take advantage of this option. At the same time, newfound convenience is supported by a new and improved display that represents a win-win for every user. Perhaps you want to see how much battery is left? Maybe you wish to know if there’s a blockage or just how the vacuum’s brush is faring from a performance standpoint? One glance at the Samsung Jet’s intuitive, integrated digital display will give you all the information you need or answer that you seek, ensuring you benefit from a completely new, unique, and fulfilling cleaning experience.

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